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Dr. huberman

Deliberate cold exposure, as discussed by Huberman Lab, involves regular exposure to cold temperatures to help individuals adapt, fostering resilience and grit. It can convert white fat to brown fat, increasing metabolic rate. The suggested cold plunging duration is 11 minutes per week, which can boost metabolism. Wait 6-8 hours after weight training for cold exposure. After a cold plunge, body temperature rises, providing an awakening effect.

Source: Hubermanlab

joe rogan podcast

Joe Rogan has always been a strong advocate and patron of icy baths, and has amassed a huge audience from his podcasts on topics regarding cold plunge.

Initially, he was only able to immerse himself in an ice bath for a minute and a half but being the warrior he is, he adapted to longer cold plunge periods over time. He felt calm, loose, relaxed and it certainly made a huge difference on his mental wellbeing. A neat trick brought up was that he could trick his brain into tolerating the icy waters by interacting with another individual.

story behind the brand

We began cold plunging using a tub from Shopee and ice from 7-Eleven. Over time, the round trip to buy ice and the one-time use of water not only became tedious but also felt wasteful.

We started shopping for U.S. cold plunge brands, but they were far over our budget. That's when we started Polar Plunge, a solution for those like us seeking to elevate their health and lifestyle.